GPS Address: 2600 Parkside Drive, Janesville, WI 53546 | Click for directions

Janesville's only splash pad, Riverside Park

The City of Janesville Recreation Division is pleased to announce the opening of the Riverside Park Splash Pad for the season beginning mid-May through mid-September. The hours during that time are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily.

Please remember there are no attendants on duty at the Splash Pad. Please use caution while using these facilities at your own risk. 

While using these facilities, the Recreation Division requests that the public adhere to the guidelines posted at each facility for public safety.

About the Splash Pad

The splash pad includes a wet deck area of 2,550 square feet and a dry deck of 2,340 square feet. The splash pad features three use zones: teen, family and toddler. The nature themed splash pad features:

  • Directional Water Jets
  • Fountain Sprays
  • Foaming Geysers
  • Heron Water Cannons
  • Spring Leaves & Flowers
  • Water Spraying Snail & Frog
  • Spidey Spray
  • Water Jelly
  • Volcano Flush Split Streams

For additional questions contact the Recreation Division at (608) 755-3030. 

Splash Pad