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Riverside Park Photo Gallery

Here is a photo gallery of the park during all four seasons. Photos have been submitted by various members of the Friends of Riverside Park and other local residents and park visitors.

We are still curating photos to place on this page. Click each spoiler title below to view current photos:





Nature & Wildlife

Contributing Photographers

  • Pat Spalding
  • Tasha Calkins Laveen
  • Mary Frei
  • Mike Glass
  • David Abb
  • Minnie Burd
  • David Wells

Photos by Christopher Rabuck

Christopher Rabuck
Christopher Rabuck

This page is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Rabuck, who took many of the photos found on this page. Christopher was a huge fan of all things Janesville, especially Riverside Park. He was an integral member of the Friends of Riverside Park and spent countless hours photographing life in the park on a near-daily basis.

Tragically, it was during one of these outings on Nov. 10, 2016 that Christopher was hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver. The Friends of Riverside Park are shocked and saddened by this loss, and have dedicated this page to his beautiful photography. May Christopher’s spirit live on eternally through his gift for photography.